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Mirakli Safe-Touch Pet Nail Grinder

Mirakli Safe-Touch Pet Nail Grinder

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if you are a responsible owner, you know how important it is to groom your dog and cat nails, but does your pet get terrified every time you go for their nail care or whip out those nail clippers?


90% of pet owners injure their pet’s trying to use nail clippers because they won’t sit still. Our Mirakli Nail Trimmer offers a soft, smooth, and painless way to trim and groom your dog’s nails quickly and easily, reducing the risk that comes with over-clipping.


  • BUILD TRUST WITH YOUR DOG: There’s a reason your dog doesn’t let you touch their nails, they’re nervous & it hurts! Once you show them that nail cutting time isn’t painful anymore, they’ll love getting their nails cut.
  • SAVES SO MUCH TIME: You won’t have to struggle with trying to cut your pet’s nails or driving them to the vet. You can now quickly & comfortably trim their nails at home and save all that wasted time!
  • Low vibration noise




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